Phil Smal has over 35 years’ experience in the event industry and is a co-founder of Special Event Merchandising. Phil has been project manager for a number of large merchandise contracts including the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix, Australian MotoGP, World Masters Games in both Melbourne & Edmonton Canada and many more. This experience of large event merchandise license contracts is invaluable to ensure all projects are carried out to the highest standard. Phil also has a wealth of experience with merchandise licensing through carrying out licensee contracts with a number of Formula 1 and MotoGP teams and drivers as well as being the main contact for all licensed product sold at the Melbourne Commonwealth Games venues.

Deborah Rimmer has worked in the event industry for over 35 years, developing extensive knowledge and experience. Deborah is a co-founder of Special Event Merchandising and has been responsible for HR and Finance at every event since SEM’s inception.

Patrick Barragan has 10 years’ experience in the event industry and prior to that 15 years in retail management.  Patrick has been responsible for product development and onsite management for SEMs events during his time with the company.






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Stuart Forder has gained unparalleled experience in the event industry and has been responsible for production, logistics, budgets, stock management and on site operations for all of SEM's events over the last 15 years.

Stuart Forder
Operations Manager
Patrick Barragan
Product Development
Phil Smal
Founder and Director
Deborah Rimmer
General Manager