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Time and time again the Australian Formula 1 proves to be the country’s premier motor sport event, offering world-class entertainment set in
one of Australia's most stylish, cosmopolitan and internationally recognised locations – the city of Melbourne.
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Special Event Merchandising continue to maintain a strong connection to this world renowned event and have been engaged by the official onsite retailer, Highfield Bond Pty Ltd, to supply specialist management and sales staff for the operation of merchandise marquee's located in the Fanzone and Golf Course precincts at the Albert Park Race Track.

Previously, Special Event Merchandising have provided the event with the Official Range of event specific Formula 1 Merchandise and Apparel as well as the official merchandise for a wide range of teams. This has included designing, producing, wholesaling and retailing the full range. Our retail strategy has included on-line presence and on-site outlets

to maximise visibility of the range and allow for ease of access to the sought after items by all visitors to the event.

In addition to the official merchandise, SEM has previously designed and supplied uniforms, apparel and headwear

for the event officials and volunteers.

Separate to the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix, SEM have also successfully merchandised the Malaysian Grand Prix

at the Sepang Circuit and the Silverstone Grand Prix in England. The ability to deliver successful events outside of our Melbourne base demonstrates the adaptability and robustness of our operating procedures, combined with

the extensive knowledge possessed by our core team.


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