Custom built warehousing facilities

Special Event Merchandising currently owns a 450sqm warehousing facility in the Melbourne metro area. This allows us to store customers’ products in a secure area until ready for despatch.

The warehouse has 24 hour security monitoring and is purpose built to meet the needs of our company and our customers.

Drop-in Outlets


Special Event Merchandising own ten fully dedicated container sized portable merchandise outlets which were all custom built and are fully fitted out with apparel and other merchandise fixtures and fittings to ensure a professional look and feel for all customers.

Marquee fit-out

Special Event Merchandising own enough custom designed and built fixtures, including wall panels, to fit out over 650sqm of marquee or internal floor space.  This fit-out is fully adaptable and can be configured to maximise sales in any size and shape of outlet.

Infrastructure available to rent


Special Event Merchandising rent our custom designed merchandise fixtures, fittings and drop-in outlets to a wide range of customers for events such as the Melbourne Cup Racing Carnival and Melbourne Jazz Festival to name just a few. For further information contact us on (03) 9569 3055 or alternatively email us at

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